Maratona Online SGRB 2016

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Jogo Categoria Runner(s) Link
Torclight 2 Embermage TheGuyWithTheBeard VOD1, VOD2, VOD3
Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Any% NG Uzmaty VOD1, VOD2
Sunset Riders Any% Easy Perseu VOD
Mega Man 7 Any% BluSlider VOD
Mega Man 3 Any% Cassiothird VOD
Rayman Origins Any% No Co-op (130 electons) PerilousPeanut VOD1, VOD2
Resident Outbreak Any% Redd VOD1, VOD2
Super Bomberman 4 Any% 1P SerelepeMarsupial VOD
Mega Man 2 (Legacy Collection) Dificult Any% Zipless ExtremeZero VOD
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Any% Romulostx VOD1, VOD2, VOD3, VOD4
Dragon Ball Xenoverse All Sagas Devilmyhell VOD
Metal Slug X Any% Easy Uzmaty VOD
Dynamite Headdy Any% SakuraFreak VOD
Castlevania Dracula XX SNES Any% BluSlider VOD
Sparkster Any% Normal Furlim VOD
Ren & Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention Any% PerilousPeanut VOD
Land of Illusion Any% Gp_CyberUra VOD
Flicky Any% Nathacsa VOD
Castle of Illusion HD Any% (Race) Gp_CyberUra, Kbrazlz VOD
TMNT 2: The Arcade Game Any% Aloisio VOD
D&D: Shadow Over Mystara Cleric Time Attack Hugo4Fun VOD
Crash Bandicoot XS/Huge Adventure Any% Victorarddss VOD
Chrono Trigger Any% Kehanort VOD
GoldenEye 007 100% SpectreXS VOD
Mega Man X 100% (Race) EaBTasRaiul, Luiz_Miguel VOD
Mega Man X3 100% Luiz_Miguel VOD
Mega Man X4 Zero 100% SakuraFreak VOD
Resident Evil 2 Claire A TwitchBaldo VOD
Resident Evil 2 Leon B Vortex_Muun VOD
Saw the Game Any% Perseu VOD
Donkey Kong Country 2 102% Vortex_Muun VOD
Pepsiman Any% TwitchBaldo VOD
Super Mario World Low% (Race) FuriousBR, Furlim VOD
Forward to the Sky Any% (Race) EaBTasRaiul, Smosism VOD
Wings of Vi Any% Mortal + Purified Hiksbr VOD
Freedom Planet Milla(Hard) Fladervy VOD
Shovel Knight Any% Shovel WigLink VOD
Pokemon Red Any% Glitchless (Race) Furlim, TwitchBaldo VOD
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Any% NSC SakuraFreak VOD
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow All Bosses Sambss VOD
Undertale Souless Pacifiist (Race) EaBTasRaiul, Kehanort VOD1, VOD2, VOD3
Super Metroid 100% Items Edu207 VOD